Toddler Mass

Do you worry about coming to Mass because your toddler might annoy others who have come to pray quietly? Worry no more! On the second Saturday of each month, St Philip Evans offers a "Toddler Mass". It starts at 4 pm and runs for just over half an hour. The music is chosen to be simple actions songs which children can join in with. All are welcome - but if you would be disturbed by the sound of many young children at Mass, you are welcome to attend in the church porch, following the sound on the audio relay. Although the Mass celebrated uses the texts for a weekday or votive Mass, the timing means it will fulfil your Catholic obligation to attend Mass on a Sunday or its vigil.

In 2018 the Toddler Mass will run:
* 13 January - Peace on Earth
* 10 February - Christian Families
* 10 March - Lent
* 14 April - the Mercy of God
* 12 May - Spreading the Good News
* 9 June - the Immaculate Heart of Mary
* 14 July - Saints of Europe

There will be no Toddler Mass in August, and a schedule for the new academic year will be announced later.

Parents and children among the church pews