Communion for the Sick and Housebound

Holy Communion at Home can be offered to any Catholic who cannot attend Church because of their own infirmity, or because they cannot leave the house due to caring for others. But you must ask for it! Very many Catholics are not visited at home for one simple reason, they never told the parish clergy that they were in need! If you would like Holy Communion at home, or simply to be visited in your own home, please contact Deacon Steve:

If you go into hospital, you can also receive Holy Communion weekly, but again, you must ask. At UHW (the Heath) weekend communions are co-ordinated by Bro Brian Butler from St Joseph’s – 029 2074 5424 (office hours) / 029 2041 1819 (parish). At Llandough, communion is co-ordinated by Deacon Elfed Jones, 029 2021 5158. At any other hospital, please ask for the Duty Chaplain, for further information.