Adults becoming Catholics

Do you ever wish that you knew more about the Catholic faith, but didn’t know where to ask? Have you ever wondered about attending Church but felt unsure whether you would be welcome? Perhaps you have even wondered if you might become a member of our church family, but dismissed the thought because you felt you wouldn’t be wanted?

There’s good news. You are wanted, and you are welcome! The Catholic faith is a family which is always open to visitors and new members. Like any family, there are certain values which we hold – but in this family we make a point of welcoming back those who have tried out different values, and saying “have another go”!

We run regular “Exploring the Catholic Faith” groups for anyone who would like to know a bit more about our Catholic family of faith, and for anyone who is thinking of becoming a full member of the faith (that is, receiving Holy Communion regularly). The new cycle began in September 2017, meeting every Monday at 6.30 p.m. in the church foyer (not always when schools are out). Coming to the exploring sessions does NOT commit you to attend the rest of the course or become a Catholic!

Those “Exploring the Catholic Faith” who express a firm desire to become full members of the Catholic Faith will be guided into the “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” or RCIA. The RCIA includes moments between Autumn and Easter when you will be recognised as an official “learner” in the church community, offered the prayerful support of other members of our family of faith, and receive Holy Communion for the first time. This includes a special ceremony at St David's Cathedral on Sunday 18 February 2018.

The RCIA process is open to:

  • Adults who have never been baptised (christened) in any Christian Church
  • Adults who were baptised in a different kind of Christian Church but now wish to become Catholic
  • Adults who were once baptised Catholic but never made First Holy Communion
  • Catholic Adults who made First Communion but who missed out on Confirmation as a teenager and who now wish to be Confirmed.

The RCIA process takes adults through these stages in a warm, sincere and prayerful way. Everyone who comes has their own personal story. The Holy Spirit has touched them in a special way. There are many reasons why we need to feel the presence of God in our lives. Everyone’s situation is treated with strict confidentiality. There is never any pressure on anyone to become a Catholic.

Those who freely choose to become members of our faith community will receive the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil – in 2018, this takes place at 8.30 p.m. on Holy Saturday, 31 March. The Easter Vigil is the most Sacred and Joyous of our liturgical celebrations! (If family circumstances make this date truly impossible, an alternative date can be found soon after Easter.)

Those entering RCIA will be supported by Pastor Gareth, Deacon Steve, and the whole parish community. It is a part of our faith that we give support in any way we can, to those starting their faith journey. We want others to feel the love that we feel from following Jesus Christ!

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