If you are visiting this page because you are newly engaged, congratulations! We wish you a long and happy married life together.

Applying for a Catholic Wedding

If you are a Catholic living in Llanederyn, Pentwyn, Pontprennau or St Edeyrn's Village, and wish to get married, you must arrange the necessary paperwork through the Parish of St Philip Evans. If you are choosing to have your wedding elsewhere, and even if you worship regularly in another Catholic Church in Cardiff, the Catholic paperwork must still begin with the parish priest of the place where you actually live. You will find this Guide to Paperwork useful.

Similarly, if you wish to be married in St Philip Evans Church, but do not live within our parish boundaries, you must first approach the parish priest of the place where you actually do live. Once he has agreed that you are free to marry within the rules of the Catholic Church, you should contact us at St Philip Evans to arrange a date for the wedding ceremony.

All persons getting married in Catholic ceremonies must provide the appropriate Letters of Freedom.

Planning Your Ceremony

Once you are ready to plan the actual ceremony, the minister at the venue for the ceremony will work with you to choose appropriate readings and music.

Finally, whether you are already married or planning a future wedding, you may find one or more of these marriage and relationship resources from Pontypridd Deanery most useful.

How much will it cost?

The Catholic Church does not charge for its sacraments, but it is customary to make an offering to the minister conducting the wedding, and a donation towards maintenance costs of the church. For a wedding in St Philip Evans, it would be appropriate for the donation to the church to be in the same region as what you are paying for flowers. (If paying by cheque, the first is to the minister by name, and the second is payable to the “Parish of St Philip Evans”.)

For the civil registration of a wedding taking place at St Philip Evans, the Authorised Person must be paid; the Government updates the rate periodically but the rate as of January 2016 is £86.00, to be made payable to “C. Kearns”.

If an organist or other musician attends, they will also charge a fee. Separate fees and booking arrangements apply if you wish to hire the Parish Hall for a reception afterwards.