Jesus Youth

Jesus Youth is an international Catholic youth movement with a charismatic spirituality. It had its beginnings in Kerala (India), but we are now active in nearly 25 different countries around the world. Jesus Youth is an initiative of young people themselves, who, filled with the Holy Spirit try to reach out to other young people. The strength of our movement is its special focus on a life centred on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Though not an actual community, Jesus Youth is a network of small but vibrant groups of young people. In our own life situations, we strive to give time to the Lord, responding to the challenges of today’s world in the power of the Holy Spirit. Here in Britain, Jesus Youth UK is active in 11 different cities – Cardiff being one of them. There is a regional Facebook group covering Cardiff and Bristol.

The Jesus Youth group at St Philip Evans consists of about 12 members. We have Eucharistic adoration in the Prayer Room (side chapel) every Thursday (from 6 pm to 7 pm). This time spent in intercession in the chapel has been going on since 2009 December, and is definitely something that helps Jesus Youth Cardiff continue the work for the Lord’s glory. We also hold prayer meetings St Joseph’s Church (New Zealand Road) every second and fourth Friday of the month (from 6 pm to 8 pm).

We would very much welcome new members, even if you are unable to attend on a regular basis. Ideally members should be aged 25 and above. For details contact Kevin Jose 07702 560779‬ or email