Mass Intentions & Prayers at Mass

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It is an ancient Catholic custom that whenever Mass is celebrated, that Mass can be offered (dedicated) for a named individual or group of persons, living or deceased. Mass can be offered for someone who is sick, or on the occasion of a birthday, wedding anniversary or similar event; or for someone who has died, not only but especially on significant anniversaries of the date of death.

There is no fixed fee for a Mass offering. It is customary to make a small financial gift to the priest, but Pastor Gareth will happily offer Masses for particular intentions without receiving a donation. If you wish a particular date for the Mass intention, please book early as dates are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. You can see which dates are already booked on the calendar below by clicking on the word "Mass" on your chosen date. Note that the time of a future Mass may change at a few days' notice due to a funeral or an off-site appointment for the Parish Priest.

If you do wish to give a donation, place it in an envelope (if a cheque, payable to “G. Leyshon”) and write on the envelope the name of the person(s) for whom Mass is to be offered, the reason (deceased, health, birthday etc.) and the preferred date. If you wish to be contacted in the event of your preferred date not being available, also write your name or email address. Otherwise the Mass will be scheduled for the nearest available date. Envelopes can be handed to Pastor Gareth or placed through the Presbytery letterbox.

If you do not wish to give a donation, you can email Pastor Gareth ( or write the information on a piece of paper and hand it in as above.

You can also request that prayers be offered at weekend Masses for someone who is sick or deceased – that is, named in the community prayers but not the person for whom that Mass is offered. In this case, email details to Cathy MacGillivray: