Deaf Pastoral Group

St Philip Evans Parish includes a Pastoral Group within the Parish which consists of Deaf and Hearing people. The Hearing people have learned Sign Language and are now able to sign every Sunday at the 10.30 Mass, and on any other occasion where Deaf people are in the Congregation – both in the Parish, and at Diocesan events. They have also formed a Signing Choir. Members of the Deaf Pastoral Group also enable the continued running of the Tuesday Group, a social gathering for deaf people including a shared meal.

The Deaf Pastoral Group does not often meet as a whole group, although the Director of the Deaf Service does ocassionally call a meeting when there are to be major decisions or to plan future events. Rather, it is a network of Deaf and Hearing people who meet each other at Mass, or at these other events. The easiest way to become involved is to turn up at the 10.30 am Mass on Sunday or the Tuesday Group from 10 am most Tuesdays, and make yourself known to the signers present.