The Parish Advisory Council

The Parish Advisory Council (PAC) meets three times a year to advise the Parish Priest and co-workers on all pastoral matters concerning the parish. It meets at 7.45 p.m. on the second Thursdays of September, February and June.

Current membership:

Members by virtue of role in the parish:

  • Pastor Gareth Leyshon (parish priest)
  • Deacon Steve Melhuish
  • Bernie Nolan (Deaf Service Director)

    Elected members holding office:

  • Gareth Hayes (CHAIR)
  • Pooja Varghese * (VICE-CHAIR)
  • Cathy MacGillivray (SECRETARY)

    Other PAC members:

  • Robert Roy * (appointed)
  • Furat Sankary * (appointed)
  • Ana Maria Guerrero * (appointed)
  • Evelyn Aneni * (appointed)
  • Marta Ragu (elected)
  • Paul Newbury (elected)
  • Jubia George * (volunteered)
  • Cynthia Swaine (elected)

    Those marked with a * are serving a (renewable) three-year term which ends at the February meeting in 2019. The other members serve a (renewable) three year term ending at the September meeting in 2020.