First Holy Communion

Any baptised Catholic child can be admitted to the Sacraments of Confession (Reconciliation) and Holy Communion as soon as they are mature enough to receive these sacraments and have been properly prepared.

To make a valid Confession, a child has to have an understanding of the difference between right and wrong, and what it is to be sorry for making a wrong choice. A typical child will be able to do this around the age of 7.

To receive Holy Communion, a child must have made their First Confession, and recognise that what they are receiving is something holy – it is the Body of Jesus Himself.

If your child has not yet been baptised, you will need to apply for this to be done in Eastertide, and we will prepare the child for baptism as an integral part of the First Communion Course.

If there are children in Years 5 or 6 to be presented for First Communion, special age-appropriate arrangements will be made; secondary age pupils should apply via our mentoring for confirmation programme.

If you wish to prepare your child to receive Holy Communion, the first step is that they must attend Sunday Mass regularly. You can obtain a Passport from St Philip Evans Parish, so that wherever you go to Mass on a particular weekend, the priest / deacon or cathechist can sign it, so that we can see your child is being taught and shown that regular Mass attendance is important. The passports will begin in October and for a child to be admitted to First Communion, we will need evidence that the child has attended Mass most Sundays before and throughout the time of preparation.

Entry to the 2017 preparation is now closed.


For children already enrolled, the St Philip Evans First Communion Course is running on Saturday mornings 10.00-11.30 am. To ensure the safety and well-being of each child, only children registered for the course (following the procedure above) can be admitted.

First Communion Masses in 2017 will be held on some of the following dates: 6, 13, 14, 20 and 21 May. All Masses except 6 May are full and the only way to change is to arrange a swap with a family assigned to your preferred Mass.

if parents wish a child to make First Communion elsewhere after following the preparation scheme in St Philip Evans, permission letters can be issued after 1 April 2017 for children who have attended our course regularly.

Deacon Steve Melhuish is responsible for First Holy Communion: