Preparing to have your child baptised

Any child up to the age of 7 can be presented for baptism as long as one parent/guardian is already a Catholic, or a regular attender at our parish who is preparing to become a Catholic. (Children over 7 are usually mature enough to need their own preparation course, and would be prepared for First Communion together with baptism.)

Why a preparation course?

Because, in a baptism ceremony, parents make solemn promises to God that the child will be raised as a Catholic, it’s important to be clear about what those promises mean. Most parents understand that this includes teaching their child to be a “good person” – caring, considerate, putting themselves out for the needs of others. Fewer parents appreciate that it also includes teaching the child to pray, helping them to know Jesus as a person who loves them, and choosing to be part of a church family which gathers every week. For this reason, Catholic parishes run a Preparation Course for parents before they can make promises to raise their child as a Catholic.

If you regularly attend St Philip Evans Church, wish to present a child aged up to 7 for baptism, and have already attended a Baptism Preparation Course, you can make a direct approach to Deacon Steve or to Pastor Gareth to arrange to have the baptism either at the weekend Mass you usually attend, or on a Sunday afternoon, normally at 12.30 pm.

If you live within the parish, or regularly attend St Philip Evans Church, wish to present a child aged up to 7 for baptism, and have NOT already attended a Baptism Preparation Course, please contact us ( so we can book you on to a two-session evening course. We now run these in partnership with our neighbouring parishes: times and venues may vary but courses will normally run:

SEPT, JAN, MAY – St Brigid’s
OCT, FEB, JUNE – St Teilo’s
NOV, MARCH, JULY – St Philip Evans
DEC, APRIL, AUG – Christ the King

A date for your child’s baptism will not be finalised until you have completed the course. (It is only necessary for one parent to attend the church, but both are welcome – even if one is not Catholic – and if your chosen godparents are local, they would be very welcome to come, too.) If you are expecting your first child, you are very welcome to attend the course before childbirth.

If you live elsewhere:

If you live outside St Philip Evans Parish, please be aware that the permission of your local parish priest is needed for the baptism to take place here.

If you wish to have the baptism elsewhere:

If you live in Llanedeyrn, Pentwyn or Pontrpennau, but approach another priest or deacon about having the baptism elsewhere, they will ask you to come to see Pastor Gareth to obtain permission for the baptism. The best time to see him is at the end of one of the parish Masses. Note that because St Peter's Parish, Roath, receives many demands for baptisms for those who live outside Roath, they will now only allow "external" baptisms if you can arrange for one of your local priests or deacons to come with you to celebrate the baptism. Exceptions may be made if you are already a regular worshipper at St Peter's.

How much will it cost?

There is no fee for attending the Baptism Preparation Course. The Catholic Church does not charge for its sacraments, but it is customary to make an offering to the minister conducting the baptism, and a donation towards maintenance costs of the church. (If paying by cheque, the first is to the minister by name, and the second is payable to the “Parish of St Philip Evans”.) If an organist or other musician attends, they will also charge a fee. Separate fees and booking arrangements apply if you wish to hire the Parish Hall for a reception afterwards.